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Recommended Hardware

Below is a list of recommended hardware to use with the doc2MD software. While we believe that this is a list of proven devices, we do not warranty or support any of the items outside of the direct interfaces with doc2MD and recommend that you do your own reviews prior to making a purchase. doc2MD has partnered with CDW, a nationwide suppplier of technology hardware and services to make your purchase easier. Please visit them at  All hardware requirements assume a Microsoft Windows operating environment inclusive of a up to date Microsoft operating system for a server and workstations.

Please note that the recommended computers below are minimum configurations — doc2MD will run on a slower computer, however the user experience may not be satisfactory after becoming familiar with the software.

Business Class High Speed Internet Access is recommended:  The faster the connection, the better the user experience.

Desktop PC Minimum Recommendations

  • 64 Bit Processor Computer
  • 2GHz processor
  • 40GB hard drive
  • 2GB of memory/RAM
  • Fast graphics card (greatly improves the performance of doc2MD)

Fujitsu ST5031D

Tablet PC Recommendations

HP Elitebook 2740P : We chose this tablet computer because of its accessories  There are two configurations of this tablet being offered by HP.  If you get the less expensive version, please make sure that you upgrade to a minimum of 2GB of memory (4GB is optimum).

Dymo LabelWriter 400

Label Printer

You will need two label printers, one for Chart Labels and one for Specimen Jars. We recommend the Dymo LabelWriter 450.

Recommended Chart Label Size: Dymo Label 30323
Recommended Specimen Jar Label Size: Dymo Label 30330

Wireless Networking

We recommend a wireless network to take full advantage of doc2MD's entire feature set. See your local computer professional for assistance in this regard. We use Linksys equipment in our test lab; however we recommend that you rely on a reputable vendor in your area to install and ensure the reliability of your wireless equipment.

Insurance Card Scanner

The Ambir Technology Simplex ID Card Scanner is the perfect device for scanning insurance cards or driver's licenses. The doc2MD software provides for the ability to scan the documents for future reference.

High Speed Document Scanner

Sharp AR-M455NWe have reviewed many of the consumer-grade scanners with little overall success. We settled on a mid-range, high speed scanner/copier/printer manufactured by Sharp. Sharp scanners automatically save documents to a computer on your network which can then be reviewed at your leisure by doc2MD for filing. We recently had a practice scan over 16,000 documents into doc2MD using this scanner and it worked flawlessly — hopefully, your experience will be the same. For more information on these scanners, visit