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doc2MD: Electronic Medical Recordkeeping

The doc2MD software system is a revolutionary Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software which allows a Dermatologist  to quickly and accurately document a patient encounter.

The doc2MD EMR software:

  • Is designed for a dermatology practice
  • Specifically addresses practice challenges that generic EMR systems cannot
  • Is cost-effective. Priced from $49.95 per month for 1-3 physicians. Each additional physician is $20 per physician, per month.
  • Will significantly enhance office productivity
  • Will be provided with 30 free days of technical support
  • Quickly and accurately documents each dermatology encounter in such a manner as to pass a Medicare and/or insurance audit
  • Easily interfaces with your practice management system (PMS) and electronic medical records (EMR) system
  • Is designed to enable you to participate in dermatology pay-for-performance measures
  • Document cosmetic procedures such as Botox ®, Fillers and Schlerotherapy.
  • And now with the Mohs Module (with no additional cost), you can manage your Mohs documentation with the same intuitive interface that you are used to.

Doc2MD software is a dermatology-specific, easy-to-use, cost effective electronic medical record (EMR) software that will optimize your practices efficiency.

Challenge: Repetitive documentation

Solution: Medical encounter note macros, called "plans," can be set up in the doc2MD software to automate repetitive snippets of information for standard diagnoses. The doc2MD software also allows you to set up an automated series of clicks, called "smart plans," within an encounter note that can be executed when appropriate.

Challenge: Pathology specimen jars and reports are cumbersome and time-consuming to complete

Solution: The doc2MD software automatically generates pathology labels, depicting the patient name and specimen location, for placement on the pathology specimen bottle/jar. Once you have finished entering the specimen location, simply press a button to produce the pathology requisition.

Challenge: Managing open pathology log entries

Solution: When a new encounter is created for a patient, the patient's history is automatically reviewed to determine if there are any open pathology log entries that require further attention.

Challenge: Tracking pathology courier pickups

Solution: The doc2MD software prepares courier pickup reports that detail the number of specimens, the patient chart number, and the anatomic collection point of each specimen.

Challenge: Managing laboratory logs

Solution: The doc2MD software has a sophisticated pathology, clinical laboratory, and radiology log that can be quickly searched and updated to show the status of laboratory results. This log also permits ad hoc sorting, filtering, and grouping of data to ensure that patient issues are addressed in a timely manner.

Challenge: Maximizing practice efficiency

Solution: The doc2MD software advanced practice analysis tools allow you to quickly review important information regarding benchmarks of success. "Click Analyzer" permits you to review every aspect of your clinical data in an easy-to-use reporting tool — one that allows you to maximize practice efficiency and profitability.

Challenge: Keeping up with pay-for-performance measures for dermatology

Solution: Doc2MD, with a mere click of a button, automatically reviews each patient's history to ensure that pay-for-performance measures are identified and addressed.