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About doc2MD, Inc.

doc2MD, Inc. Investor Relationsdoc2MD was founded in 2001 by Darren Whitener. Darren Whitener is a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer with 20 years of software development experience that focused on the implementation of critical business system in facility management, logistics, human resources and facility management. Darren developed doc2MD for his wife who is a Dermatologist in Bonita Springs, Florida. The software was developed to augment her practice management system (PMS) in order to assist her in documenting her patient encounters, automate repetitive processes (such as pathology labels and requisitions, prescriptions, etc.) and ensure that the practice was compliant with Medicare and other governing organizations.

During the evolution of doc2MD from version 1 to the latest release, our software mission has changed from enhancing the medical provider’s efficiency to enhancing the entire practice’s efficiency while maintaining an easy to use and learn software system. The result of the doc2MD software development is a software that manages all documentation within a Dermatology practice and automates most of the business and human processes. It is estimated that a practice saves on the cost of at least one full time employee every year by using the doc2MD EMR software.

doc2MD is currently partnered with Aurora Diagnostics and its family of partner laboratories. Aurora has an exclusive license to provide Dermatologists with the doc2MD software.