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What is doc2MD?

  • Dermatology-Specific EMR
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What is a Dermatology Specific EMR?

doc2MD software with Command EMR for tablet PCsdoc2MD is an electronic medical record (EMR) software that was specifically designed for Dermatology to be easy-to-use and cost effective.

doc2MD's exclusive Command EMR voice recognition capability is not simple dictation — think of it as a voice macro. When you say only "New Surgery ED&C," the system will add:

"ED&C: After obtaining informed consent, anesthesia was obtained. The surgical site was then prepped with an antiseptic solution. The lesion was destroyed using electrodessication and curettage X 3."

...or any other text you specify. Using doc2MD, you can create detailed and descriptive records on patient encounters with just a few spoken words.

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Now With E- Prescribing, Mohs, and Cosmetic Support!

We are dedicated to improve the doc2MD feature set.  Our latest improvements includes electronic prescribing, full featured Mohs documentation module complete with Mohs Maps and a point and click Mohs documentation.  Add to that our full featured Cosmetic documentation module, and you have a system that meets your needs right from the beginning without any need to edit complitated templates!!

 Try doc2MD and see for yourself!

Demonstrations & Training

Demonstrations and training on the use of doc2MD Command EHRdoc2MD is dedicated to providing easy to understand tutorials and references on how to use the software.The fastest way of learning doc2MD is to see it in action. Our online videos will provide quick demos of the major functions of doc2MD.  Visit our Training Center now for lessons on how to get started with doc2MD.

30-Day Free Trial

We believe that once you start using the doc2MD EMR software, you will realize the value the software brings to your practice. We are so confident of this that we are willing to give you the first 30 days for FREE. Since doc2MD saves all documents in an industry standard, searchable Adobe® PDF file, you will always have access to your documents even if you no longer use doc2MD.

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All you need to get started with doc2MD is a computer with a high-speed Internet connection (see Recommended Hardware). The first 30 days are free so that you can determine if doc2MD works for you and your practice. We also give you a sample database to "play" with to help you get started. After the 30 days, normal pricing applies.

Think of it, a comprehensive and flexible software designed for your specialty without the burden of purchasing expensive servers and software. Your data is kept secure and backed up on our world class servers. Even if you decide to leave doc2MD down the road, we will provide you with an electronic copy of all your documents in an industry standard Adobe PDF format. There is no risk!


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